About Me

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Who Am I

I am a Training and Quality specialist who loves to read about new technology and methodologies which can contribute in refining the overall functional efficiency.

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Currently, I am leading the Training and Quality function for a reputed MNC and taking care of the organisation Training and Quality requirements.

I have taken many projects within my stint and helped the organisation achieve higher dollar savings along with driving people engagement to improve overall organisation efficiency and effectiveness.


What else do I do

I spend majority of my time exploring the various blogs on technology and experimenting with new tools available on the web. This has helped me to come up with more roburst ways to complete the day to day activities leading to better time management.

With my expertise in Content Development and profound knowledge of Training and Quality domains I have been able to play a pivotal role in Integration of the two functions within my current organisation, leading to better support to Operations.

I engage in organizing a lot of cultural events and OD sessions to bridge the gaps between employee and all levels of management and to continuously improve the SKA metric of the Organisation.

I also like to spend a lot of time mentoring people who would like to build their careers in Training or Quality Functions.